Friday, August 09, 2013

coming to the end of this journey...

in exactly 17 wake ups my beautiful Jordan will start her final year of high school. How did THAT happen? It's so cliche all the where does the time go... they grow so quickly... don't blink... but it's not at all cliche its truth. This will be the hardest thing I've ever done watching her go out on her own. Trusting that I have done the job well that I was given when blessed with this remarkable child. I believe in her with all of my soul, that doesn't mean I wouldn't rather just keep her with me. Always. So many around me tell me oh it'll be so great to have your house back and won't it be nice when and all I can think is I have a house to give them a home. If I can, I'd rather do something with Jordan than just about anyone. I never dreamed in a million years that watching the world through my children's eyes would not only be so incredibly magical but so completely different from one to the next. So many of my dear ones are having or have had babies... Rylie, Avery and Zoey came together the mighty 3 in May and I'm completely in love with them and in awe of her parents because triplets please you think you know ~ You DON'T. Taisa is the latest little Russian citizen and she made my Katya a big sister. How intersting it's been learning all the cultural differences from my Russian. Having a baby in Russia is a lonely business but I've started wondering and I think I would have treasured that time with just me and my babies... figuring out who each other is in the very beginning. Hank arrived on Sunday and I've never been more excited for two people to become parents as I am for my dear friend Holly and Drew. That family is special and will be one that people are awed by and admire. My Becca Jay and Ryan will give make their Rylie a big sister in January, I predict that I'll be spending a lot of time in Virginia Beach in 2014!! I'm very thankful for these new babies that will allow me to focus on something other than the pain in my heart watching mine go where I am not allowed to follow. If I'm really lucky I will get to play a small part in each of their little lives. I really look forward to that.

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